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Claudia Josephine Anchor

Claudia Ricciardone is a luxury residential interior designer based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Claudia provides full-service interior design services with a focus on sustainable and eco-friendly furnishings and décor through the company she founded, Claudia Josephine Design. 

Claudia’s designs combine classic elegance with a sense of hospitality and comfort. Claudia chooses finishes that are chic, yet welcoming…classic, yet innovative— all while invoking a sense of well-being for the clients who inhabit the space. She believes that high-quality design should be accessible, avoid pretense, and combine beauty with function. With care and a keen eye, Claudia guides her clients through the design process, listens to each client’s wants and needs, and helps clients achieve a home that embodies warmth and sophistication.

Claudia’s goal is to design timeless and enduring environments that are healthy, beautiful, and meet the needs of her clients. Homeowners often struggle when attempting to build, remodel, or decorate their home without professional guidance. Her expertise helps clients to avoid costly and environmentally wasteful design mistakes. She also saves busy working professionals and families time by managing the numerous steps involved in bringing custom design into fruition, including materials procurement, project management, and design installation.

Claudia believes healthy homes promote healthy families and communities. As she moved through life’s transitions, from an initial career as a school psychologist, to establishing a family and her interior design firm, Claudia’s awareness of health and community impact became increasingly important. She became concerned by the vast amounts of disposable products being made to satisfy the demand for inexpensive, trendy furnishings and décor. These products were often processed with harmful chemicals that have negative impacts on human and environmental health. It was at this intersection that Claudia considered how her business in interior design could support healthy families. Her answer was in the careful selection of safe and sustainable structures, furnishings, and products that touch our skin, support our bodies, and soften our steps every day.   

Maria Killam Color Expert

Claudia is a certified GREEN Accredited Professional (AP), member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC), and Maria Killam Certified True Colour Expert. She served as the interior design columnist at LUX Lifestyle Magazine, where her work was published and distributed internationally. Claudia’s designs were also recently featured in Southpark Magazine.

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