Read What Clients are Saying about Claudia Josephine Design!

"It was my first experience having a professional help with the design of my home and I was apologetic about some of my current interior design choices (or lack thereof!). Claudia was so helpful and professional, I felt totally comfortable asking her questions and did not feel like there was any judgment about the current state of things.

Claudia was very helpful in recommending paint colors for my home. A lot of thought went into the process to ensure the colors were ideal for each space and for the overall color scheme. Her design services were customized for my home and personal style and I have been able to incorporate many of her ideas over time. She was very thorough in following up with me after the consultation to ensure I had everything I would need to follow through with the design."

Melissa D.

"Claudia is a very gifted designer. She has great knowledge of design principals and her spaces reflect timeless and inviting design. As a real estate broker, I have introduced Claudia to clients for their custom build and remodeling projects. She has been so great to work with and instrumental in making the right design choices. I highly recommend Claudia for all your interior design needs."


"We live in Texas and first contacted Claudia almost one year ago after we’d chosen separate wall, trim, and ceiling colors for our bedroom. We knew we may waste money if we didn’t contact a designer. We were slightly hesitant, but we did not want to make a mistake. After we emailed photographs of our furnishings and master suite, Claudia verbalized the exact reasons for letting go of the ceiling color. We are so happy that we listened because the creamy neutrals work much better with our furnishings and master bath. Moving our furniture to re-paint would have required hiring movers, so we saved $$$!


Claudia also specified linens and bedding. We particularly like that Claudia took the time to curate a few, top-notch choices, and she communicated why her choices would work for us. We are busy, and Claudia’s streamlined approach saved us time and protected us from feeling overwhelmed with too many choices!

We flew to Charlotte (Spring of 2017) and met with Claudia, which allowed us to see some of her work in person. We are fans! We will continue to hire Claudia and refine our look, even long-distance, as our personal projects develop because she has gotten to know us and knows our style.
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She specifies choices that freshen up our style while respecting the collected/traveled look we adore. We especially welcome Claudia’s timeless, classic approach because we think it saves money in the long run. Also, regarding money, we find Claudia to be most conscientious. She is always considerate of our money--she knows we enjoy quality, but she also recognizes that we love a bargain!


We want to deal with a professional—even on smaller projects like styling our front door and when choosing linens for our breakfast nook. This designer is approachable, considerate, and professional!"

Ken and Maxie B.

"Claudia has excellent skills as a designer. Her services are highly recommended for any new homeowner who is looking for guidance in designing and decorating interior or exterior spaces."

Sarah W. 

"Claudia was wonderful to work with. She had a great eye for color and design. Thanks for being so accessible!"

  Lisa M. 

"Claudia has a real eye for color and design. She has great ideas and vision for a space. Check her out!

Nicole M.