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Summer Update: Some Fun, Some Serious

Dining Room by Claudia Josephine Design

Design by Claudia Josephine Design

3-D Rendering by Kassa Interiors

Hello friends. I'd love to just show you pretty photos of client projects and tell you about the great things that have been happening at Claudia Josephine Design; however, I feel like ignoring the elephant in the room wouldn't be right at this moment in history.

To say that 2020 has been quite a year is an understatement. My heart grows heavy when I think about the deleterious affects that the COVID-19 pandemic has had and continues to have on our world. Recent racial uprisings have demonstrated that, sadly, not all humans are treated equally. We as a society have a long way to go to ensure that there is racial justice. I have struggled to find meaning in these trying times. When problems seem overwhelming, I find it helpful to focus on what I can do to help.

Due to the rapidly rising rates of COVID-19 in the Carolinas, Claudia Josephine Design will be offering Color Consultations and General Consultations virtually only (until further notice). We have been completing them successfully for the past several months and clients have been pleased. Larger projects will be considered on a case by case basis. Remodels and new construction will continue in person. When meeting with clients in their homes, we now require the use of masks for all parties involved. We are appreciative of our clients' understanding and for making these accomodations so that we can ensure the safety of our clients and staff. Thank you to all who are doing their part to stop the spread! Thank you especially to healthcare workers, first responders, and all essential staff (including grocery stores!) for keeping things going during tough times.

My friend, Colleen, has started Facefriendsclt if you are in need of a stylish mask to keep yourself and others healthy.

Many scientists believe that climate change has created conditions conducive to the spread of infectious disease (if you'd like to read more about it, click here). Did you know that your furniture and decor buying habits can either help or hurt our environment?

For years I have helped clients to make sustainable buying decisions but I wanted a deeper understanding of green design. I recently completed an intensive course in sustainability and received my certification as an Accredited Professional. I'm officially a certified GreenAP! The course is an industry-first, developed in conjunction with the Sustainable Furnishings Council and approved by ranking staff of Rainforest Alliance, World Wildlife Fund and one of the co-founders of USGBC/LEED. It arms me with the information I need to help my clients make sustainable buying decisions. If you'd like more information on why green design is so important, check out my recent videos on Instagram. I'm also now a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, so I will continue to receive the most up-to-date information on sustainable and green design.

On a recent client project, we chose "green" (as in eco) and literally green! Green is my client's favorite color so I happily incorporated it into her new kitchen. This is the 3-D rendering of the design I crafted.

3-D Rendering by Staci Nugent Design

I can't wait to see it built! We also redesigned her dining room. Here's a peek at what it will look like when it's done!

3-D Rendering by Kassa Interiors

My client and her husband were so happy with the design presentation that they have asked me to also redesign their family room. It's in the works right now but I promise to share when it's done!

Next week we are installing a whole house project--a beautiful lake house in Belmont, NC. They chose my firm specifically for it's sustainable and green focus, which was great because they really understood the importance of choosing eco-friendly, high-quality furnishings. We also incorporated vintage finds to mix with their enviable collection of decor and furnishings from their travels abroad. Their new home has a mid-century vibe, so my design choices honored the architecture. Here's a 3-D rendering of their master bedroom (with walls left intentionally blank so that we can incorporate their beautiful art). The hemp grasscloth mural was already installed and it's a stunner!

3-D Rendering by Staci Nugent

We also recently completed a first floor remodel that included a dining room, foyer, family room, and kitchen! It came together beautifully and I'm so excited to show it to you! Unfortunately, COVID-19 has delayed my professional photography, but there will be lots to share once I've photographed these projects. In the meantime, here's a 3-D conceptional rendering of the kitchen (even better in person!)...

3-D Rendering by Staci Nugent

Here's a photo of my clients' dining room after we installed the gorgeous grasscloth (more furnishings to come)! My clients opted to keep their original chandelier and rug (not shown). I am happy to incorporate clients' existing pieces (when it makes sense) as part of an overall strategy to reduce waste. I also encourage clients to sell or donate furnishings they don't want to keep. Habitat for Humanity is a great organization to donate to and they will even pick up larger pieces in many cases.

Thank you for allowing me to share these with you!

Last but not least, I wanted to list some resources that I've found helpful to help teach children about racism. This is obviously not an exhaustive list by any means. These are just two videos that I found especially helpful to start the discussion.

How to talk to your kids about racism (good for little ones):

Systemic Racism Explained (better for older ones):

I know that was a lot in one post! I hope you all stay safe and healthy! Let's remember to be good and kind to one another. We'll get through this together, and if we do it right, we'll come out stronger and better as a nation. Happy 4th of July!



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